11 Oct 10 Super Insulated House Plans

These plans represent housing performance at its best. SIS Homes specializes in prefabricated SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) homes & home panel kits. This truly unique contemporary house is modest in size, super–insulated, and designed as a passive solar home. How to Build & Operate a Super-Efficient House Version 040118 © D. R. Wulfinghoff 2003. Permission is granted to distribute this guide without changes. A wide variety of plans for passive solar homes Help on finding solar home plans, what's important in solar homes, and examples of well designed solar homes. Most Helpful Customer Reviews: bought this for my kid to use at school.

Super Insulated House Plans

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  • Learn how concrete house plans can provide not only great-looking homes, but also very energy efficient and safe homes.
  • Superefficient houses don’t have to look strange.
  • Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) custom made to reflect your vision for the energy efficient home of your dreams.
  • These free building plans can help you create an efficient home that takes advantage of free energy from the sun and saves you a fortune in heating and cooling costs.
  • Structural insulated panel homes are tremendously energy efficient.

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